Mutterland, Kiew (2023)
Mutterland, Kiew (2023)
Gemälde von Nazanin Pouyandeh
Gemälde von Nazanin Pouyandeh


KUNOgalerie IV

Agha, Brüns, Pace, Smorra

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Ana Pace


I’m an Argentinian with Italian German Spanish Guarani Wichi ancestors, not necessarily in this order. I live in Italy, I have lived in Italy half of my life. I do many things, I love creating objects of all kind.

I have a weakness for fabrics and I have a weakness for bags so I sew fabric bags, each of them is a unique piece, I have lots of fun creating them, when I’m in the mood for a bag I spread all my fabrics on a huge table and start combining colors and textures and forms till I get that shocking but harmonious effect I’m looking for. Sometimes I already have the design in mind and I just look for the fabrics that match it, sometimes it’s the fabric that suggests me the design.  

I love heavy and strong cloth: décor fabrics, brocades, velvet, leather, old wools, for the exterior; linen, silk, cotton, satin, for the lining. I choose them personally, I have learned to recognize the noble ones, the good ones, those made to last.

I also make the button, big all-forms buttons made of polymer clay that give the last touch of color to the composition. The wood handles, instead, are made, with my design, by a Piedmontese carpenter friend of mine, his name is Nisio, a great wood artisan.

My bags are simple, I use clean-cut lines, I want them to give not only a visual experience, something people like to see, but also something people like to touch, and something people like to wear, wear every day, a comfortable and practical object.

We are the bags we carry. Show me the bag you’re wearing, I’ll tell you who you are.

Today I’m 100 % Wichi, I’m carrying the most awesome Wichi chaguar bag on earth.


"Dem Reiz aus dem verrosteten, schon weggeworfenen, verbogenen Werkstoff Stahlschrott etwas Neues zu schaffen und in einen anderen Zusammenhang zu setzen, bin ich verfallen. Kunst entsteht aus altem Eisen: figurative Plastiken und Objekte. 
Seit 2011 stelle ich in Einzel- und Gruppenausstellungen aus." 
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